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    Typical application of kneading machine in guar gum preparation

    Introduction to Guar Gum: Cationic guar gum is a water-soluble polymer with a chemical name of guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride. It uses natural guar gum as raw material to remove the endosperm part after epidermis and germ, mainly containing galactose and mannose, which is dried, pulverized and hydrolyzed and precipitated with 20% ethanol solution. After centrifugation, drying and dehydration It is prepared by reacting glycerol ether trimethylammonium chloride. --The above is from Baidu Encyclopedia

    Production equipment description:

    The guar gum complete equipment is mainly composed of Ensuo kneading machine, three-roll mill, double screw mixer, drying equipment (vulcanized drying bed or double cone rotary dryer) and screening equipment.

    Guar gum kneading machine is a kneading machine specially developed by Nanjing Zhongbing Enso for the current domestic oilfield additives and food additives guar gum. It combines the functions of mixing and kneading, and uses kneading machines by many guar enterprises. After the reaction is good, a good substitute for the old production process, excellent performance, high efficiency, so that the quality and production efficiency of guar gum production has reached a big step, praised by guar manufacturers.
    The contact part of the kneading machine cylinder, the blade and the material are made of stainless steel, and the mixing cylinder can be designed into electric heating, steam heating or water cooling. The discharging method includes hydraulic turning cylinder, screw extrusion and ball valve discharging. The next discharge form is available for customers to choose. The kneading part of the kneading machine is composed of a cylinder body, a pulp shaft, a wall plate, a cylinder head and the like. The hydraulic system is operated by a hydraulic station to operate two small oil cylinders and two large oil cylinders to complete the opening and closing of the large cover and turning the mixing tank. The electronic control system has manual and automatic electronic control system, which is arbitrarily selected and required by the user, and the operation is convenient and reliable.

    The guar gum three-roll mill is referred to as a three-roller, and the three-roll mill can be divided into an experimental three-roll mill and a three-roll mill. A three-roll mill is used for the grinding of guar gum slurry. Working principle of three-roll mill: The three-roll mill achieves the grinding effect by mutually pressing the surfaces of the three horizontal rollers and rubbing at different speeds. The three-roll mill is the most effective grinding and dispersing device for high viscosity materials.

    The guar gum double helix mixer has wide adaptability to the mixture material, does not overheat the heat sensitive material, does not pressurize and grind the granular material, and does not cause chip separation when the material with different specific gravity and particle size is mixed. According to the process requirements, the machine can add a jacket outside the mixing barrel, and cool or heat the material by injecting a cold heat medium into the jacket; the cooling is generally pumped into industrial water, and the heating can be steamed or electrically heated. oil.

    Guar gum can be used as a thickener; stabilizer; opacifier; suspending agent; solubilizer; used in food and industry.

    In the food industry, guar gum is mainly used as a thickener and water-holding agent, usually used alone or in combination with other edible gums; it is used for thickening in salad dressing and gravy, and is used in ice cream to melt the product slowly. In the noodle product, the sense of import is increased, the noodle is prevented from being excessively sucked, the aging time of the product is prolonged in the baked product, the adhesive is used in the meat product, and the coating property is also increased in the cheese.

    In the industry, it can be used as an oil-based water-based fracturing fluid additive to effectively reduce the pollution to the bottom layer, and has the advantages of good high temperature resistance and good stability. Applicable to oil exploration and mining, cosmetics, paper, paper mills, explosions and other fields.

    If you are interested in the production of guar gum, you may wish to contact us, we will do our best to provide you with the best equipment and technical services.